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A thank you

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A year ago today, right now I was in an ambulance on the Kassandra Peninsula in Greece en route to the first of two hospitals I would be spending the next three weeks in.

Throughout the ordeal and the everything that followed over the past 12 months, I just want to thank all of my friends, family and colleagues for not only standing by and supporting me through the accident, but also for their unending support throughout the year that followed.

As I said in my Broke Back Mountain post, it is amazing what you learn about yourself when you go through such a situation and I am very glad to be able to say that not only do I feel I’m a better, stronger person, but that my quality of life has improved.

Thanks again. I am a very lucky individual.


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3 thoughts on “A thank you

  1. Even though we’d only met once before you went to Greece (it may even have been the day before?) these were very dark and worrying times. I’m so pleased things are working out for you.

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