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Holiday in Greece: Broke back mountain

This past month I’ve been horizontal. On the 15th of September whilst holidaying in the Kassandra peninsula of Greece, I went on a mountain biking trek with a group and left in an ambulance – actually a jeep, then a truck, then an ambulance.

This was a half day 35k ride, which I didn’t realise would be so intense. The assents were painful, but good and the descents were scary but exhilarating. However, the 3rd descent didn’t prove so manageable for myself. Going about 35mph my tyres popped, I lost control, flipped & broke two vertebra in my back. The bike landing about 10 feet from me (don’t worry, it survived!)

So I had an accident. I survived thanks to a helmet and luck. I will no longer argue the uses of a helmet. Especially when off-roading.

Did I have a “near death experience” or any type of OMG, I must change this part of my life starting NOW. – no. I was/am waiting for it, but it hasn’t come yet. I was already in a progressive place in regards to my goals, career etc before the wreck, so maybe I just did it in wrong order. My mother – who amazingly flew over from Texas at the drop of a hat to help out – and the doctors think I just don’t realise how bad it really was yet. That thought makes me uncomfortable.

What have I learned from this experience?
• I’ve learnt that I behaved completely differently than I would have imagined. I don’t give myself enough credit. I was making jokes, not crying, breathing and calm.

• I’ve learned how to do sudoko, which I’ve always been put off by, but it was a great way to distract myself form the pain & boredom.

• That dignity isn’t possible when your in a hospital – and that’s okay.

• I have many people who care about me.

• Patience, patience, patience!

• When you think it can’t get worse, it can, but it’s not always as bad as you think it is and it will get better.

• It didn’t necessarily happen to me because of bad karma.

Two weeks is a long time to sit – or lie, horizontally & stare at the ceiling – in a hospital to think about life. Far too much time. But it’s over, I’m healing well. 3 more weeks and I should be back to semi normal and start physical therapy. The above list probably isn’t everything and doesn’t even touch on the great people who went above & beyond even though they didn’t know me. I’m saving the brand praise & lashing for another post.

Thank you all for your support and kind words over the past month. I couldn’t have stayed so positive without all the amazing support I received.

If you want to see a play by play you can see a time-line on my BlipFoto or if you don’t mind some more detailed images, you cans see the trip photos on my Flickr set.

p.s. thanks to my friend Eugenie for the great Broke Back reference (“Brings a whole new meaning to Broke Back Mountain!!!”). It made me laugh. Which hurt, but was worth it!


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  1. What a fantastic story, Darcie! Your positivity is incredible. I hope full recovery comes quickly. Lots of love! Thanks for writing for all to read!

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