Thoughts and idiosyncrasies of Darcie Tanner

A bit about Darcie

Darcie TannerDigital media geek by trade, digital media geek by nature.

With traditional advertising experience and a multi-channel background, I understand marketing, brands, digital and the client link across platform & medium. I hold a deep passion for the industry and all that’s included. A technology early adopter and multi-tasker extraordinaire.

A Texan gal living in Scotland, UK – I travel regularly throughout the UK and Europe for work and pleasure. I suffered an accident a few years ago, which changed my life drastically and I am focused on living my dreams and not letting any injury hold me back.

I’m an admirer of art, design, cinematography and art direction. A fan of behind the scenes documentaries, horror films and sport. An appreciator of
the work of Tim Burton, Kurt Vonnegut, David Lynch, Douglas Coupland and Stanley Kubrick, to name a few.

This blog has gone from a thought/option piece on design and advertising, into more of a personal journey (thou
gh not too personal) and record of my recovery through fitness to an amalgamation of sorts. I wouldn’t even classify it really as a ‘lifestyle’ blog, so it’s just me, things I’m interested in, places I go and things I do on and offline.

With regards to fitness posts, I am not certified to give any health advice, and most of what I post comes from my personal experience alone.

If you would like to contact me about anything, consulting, agency work, guest posting, speaking events, just for fun or with regards to business – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.*

You can contact me through DarcieC(at)gmail(dot)com, via @Darcie on Twitter, LinkedIn or on .

*Though I hate to have to put this, I do not offer my services for free (for the most part) and I am not here to support your recruiting needs on either side unless a commission is being offered. I value your time and ask the same in return.

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