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Social Operations – An Introduction

MRY UK rebranded/relaunched/redeployed as Lost Boys in September this year and  to help kick off the new blog I’ve written an introduction to Social Operations, what I like to describe as the behind the scenes activity that helps clients “get sh*t done, socially”. Here’s an excerpt to get started:

The social world is full of made up job titles and confusion with how new roles sit and are defined within the traditional advertising and digital world. Is Social Operations just another title we use to try to confuse people that we know what we’re doing, ala Guru, Ninja and Prophet?

Well, no, actually far from it. When you really look at it, the role has been there, just lacking a name and we were surprised it hadn’t been labelled earlier. As social is finally starting to come out of its birth and into its teenage years, brands are needing to pause for a moment, take a step back and review what’s been done to date.

This is where Social Ops comes into play. It’s time to clean up, organise and ensure things are done properly. Social operations covers tools, new technologies, structures, governance and guidelines, community management, process and implementation tactics and support for activity. This provides the opportunity to create consistency across activities, locally or globally, through deliverables such as playbooks and toolkits, but to also efficiencies and streamline activities around implementation and tools, resulting in better value for your budget.

Read the rest on the Lost Boys blog…


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