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Women In Technology: Special Edition 2013 – 2014

Nine females, myself included, from various technology sectors in Scotland have been chosen to take part in a new initiative called Special Edition; a program dedicated to supporting and encouraging women in technology.

From left to right: Darcie – MRY, Leanne – Blipfoto, Cat – Alienation Digital, Romana – Denki, Frances – Whitespace, Mhairi – Vivomotion, Rebecca – Hot Tap Media, Yolander – Start Digital Publishing, Kate – Equator.

The programme, run by non-profit organisation TRC Media, provides training in a number of aspects from Creative Processes to Elevator Pitches over a nine month period. Each programme topic has been designed so we can reach our potential in each of our current roles and future positions in our respective industries. The great thing about Special Edition is that we’re continually learning and increasing our skills not only through workshops & speakers, but also learning from each other. Whilst the seven days of courses over the past seven months (at Channel 4 in Glasgow) have been fantastic, we are now getting the opportunity to test some of our learnings in sunny San Francisco!

No, we’re not there to vacation and enjoy the sun, well, not only. We’ll be meeting some great influential people from the tech world as well as experience some exciting tours and talks from some fantastic companies.

Here’s some of the people and organisations we’ll be spending our time with:

Funomena, Extractable, Get Satisfaction, Nurun, Fantasy Interactive, Waze, Lean In, Skype, Facebook, Ann Winblad, Patty McCord, Zeus Jones,GitHub, Hackbright Academy and Wired.

We’re really looking forward to learning some of the processes and changes these companies have undergone in the past and ascertaining where what aspects we can take home to further not only our own, but our team and our company’s progress.


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