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Social Goes Back to Basics – 2014: What does it all mean?

My contribution to 2014: What does it all mean? From DigitasLBi.

Social goes back to basics. In 2014 we’ll see a rise in the simplification of the big social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Ironically, as companies invest more in their social strategies, more of them will shut down or decrease their number of social accounts – merging Facebook pages, closing and signposting Twitter accounts. Global brands will develop solutions for use in multiple markets in several languages – they’re the ones spending the most on advertising, so they’ll create tools with their needs in mind. Facebook and LinkedIn are on the right track with global pages – this approach will hopefully be implemented across all social platforms. Consumers don’t classify themselves as living in APAC or EMEA; they just want to engage with the brand on their own terms. And hopefully this will also prompt YouTube to reopen some of the inactive usernames for brands.

Download the full PDF here.


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