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Dear me: Always Be Yourself – Fashion of The Past

When I was younger I had a bit of my own direction when it came to style and fashion form clothes, to hairstyles. One of my Dad’s most embarrassing memories was when I attended a funeral wearing a dress with Dr. Martens. In my defence, the dress had a black heart on it… which was fitting for a funeral, right? And the Dr. Martens were black, so, yeah…

I remember I always stood out in school, particularly form the age of 5 – 14 before I began conforming slightly (and sadly) though I did go through a gangster phase for a few years, but we won’t get into that. My teachers repeatedly wrote “Keep up the fashion statements!” in my yearbook and the kids, well they didn’t really say anything, even when I sported fake black rimmed glasses.

Now, as I walk around London and go back to Austin, while I flip through magazines, had I never changed I would be the hippest there is now! Alas, I’m not, but I thought I would celebrate some of my best fashion choices that were caught on film.

Before we get to the pictures, I must say a massive thank you to my parent’s, for always letting me be myself, choose my own style and follow my gut and passions, even getting me a drafting table when I was planning on being a fashion designer – with the only stipulations being I wasn’t allowed to shave my head during the school year (except for the back of it under the hair – 6th grade) and I couldn’t dye my hair. Allowing me to follow my dreams and be myself has helped to make me who I am today.

The lopsided haircut:

Lopsided haircut
Lopsided haircut

The Onesie (and beanie to boot!):

The onesie
The Onesie

The Unicorn (complete with inappropriate ripped tights):

The Unicorn
The Unicorn

Crimped Hair:


White high-tops:

While high-tops
While high-tops

Black rimmed glasses, fake of course (luckily the perm never made a comeback…):

Hipster Kids 90's
Black Rimmed Glasses

May all kids get the opportunity to find themselves, them selves.


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