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Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Amanda Palmer. Wow. I’ve heard about her for a few years now. I’ve seen people obsessively tweet about her, discuss her; I’ve followed her success through the interwebs. I was even at The Scottish Ruby Conference and sat in the next room while she performed to group of technical, geeky superstars from all over the globe (yes, I should have gone into the room and watched her do amazing things with digital and music, but we live and learn”.

I still hadn’t listened to her music. Last week people were tweeting about her Ted talk, and I saved it and got around to watching it at the gym the other day. Amazing. It’s absolutely brilliant and beautiful and put tears in my eyes whilst sweating and peddling in front of 50 other sweating people.

Inspiring and definitely worth a watch. Also, her description of her music “punk with a bit of burlesque” means that I will be buried in every tune at work this week, as that sounds right up my street.

Embrace and enjoy.


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