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The Oatmeal's Cat's Are Killers & other top sites to make you laugh

Now Chase Kitteh isn’t like all other kitties; he’s more like a dog, so while a lot of my cat meme’s and videos are applicable to him, many are not. In this case, cat’s being killers, Chase doesn’t kill living things (yet) and keeps to himself around other animals for the most part, however, since the day he began to live with me, at a mere four weeks old, I have always likened him to Stewy from Family Guy. Looking for creative ways to kill his mother.

The Oatmeal has been around for a while now, and I must tweet about it a lot, as Klout believes I’m influential in Oatmeal, but as every good online humour and information site should, there is a lot about cats and stats. The most recent is the infographic How Much Do Cats Actually Kill to help promote his new book How to Tell if Your  Cat is Trying to Kill You, which stemmed from the same named post.

If you are new to The Oatmeal, reading this post – well, enjoy and plan on writing off your afternoon. If you are new or have been reading since the beginning, some other humour (kitty & tech) that I frequent & you may enjoy are:

  • Simon’s Cat (the videos will make you cry)
  • xkcd (feel free to buy me a print!)
  • Dilbert (great insight – and it’s funny b/c it’s true.)



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