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Getting back into lean fitness – Pilates & Yoga for Beginners

This morning I decided to pull out my yoga mat and have a pilates and yoga session, to kick start myself into getting back into a fitness routine. My Osteopath very correctly told me I should get back into pilates and yoga, and to stay at the beginner level for a long time. My muscles are built up well, but they are too stiff, so I need to really work on leaning them out, stretching, posture and balance.

Though I’m not necessarily a beginner, after breaking a few bones, two surgeries and four (five, six?!) months out of the gym – at my age, you have to start from the beginning and wow, do I need it. This week I’ll be doing two Yoga sessions during my lunch breaks thanks to my work having a Winter Wellness push, and my activities today reiterated how much I need to make it a regular activity.

I found these two videos on YouTube and did a 15 minute yoga session and a 30 minute pilates session – and by the time I was done, I was definitely feeling it. If you too are looking to get into pilates and yoga, either for the first time or it’s been a while, I can recommend these videos:

Good luck!


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