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Sleep less, eat more: Is there healthy living for workaholics?

There is a way to get more hours into a day – sleep less! One of the brilliant things about being slightly over-busy is that your body, through not working at 100%, often keeps you from getting the rest it so much craves. After some conversations following the original post, I feel the need to clarify I’m being tongue-in-cheek here. The fact you can’t sleep when you’re exhausted is not a good thing or something I enjoy.

Do I recommend this as a healthy route, no I do not. I feel drained, exhausted, stressed, moody and will probably make a few bad decisions in the process.

That being said, the hours I’ve had that I would have been sleeping have enabled me to achieve quite a few things off of my to do list… There is a fine line with the two sides of insomnia – the ‘to sleepy to even watch tv but can’t sleep insomnia’ and the ‘give in, get up, drink coffee and do’ insomnia. The latter being the more favourable at times – but neither are ideal.

How do you rectify this annoying habit – we’ll looking back on the past few weeks, there are a few things that could have been changed and/or really helped during trying times.

  • Drink less alcohol
  • Go to bed earlier (go to sleep when you’re tired, don’t just force yourself to watch tv shows, even if they’re really good ones!)
  • Eat healthier – less stodgy/greasy food, but eat often and drink smoothies
  • Coffee and energy drinks are fine (my choice is Red Bull), but don’t over do it!
  • Cucumber gel for your eyes
  • Eye drops
  • Chillaxing tablets – whether it’s Rescue Remedy or something else, there’s nothing wrong with needing a calming agent every now and then (plus if your schedule is manic, you’ll need something to help you sleep sometimes).

If you do need to work a lot and are going to have some late nights, early starts, then try to prepare your body and nurture during these times. Working this way uses a lot of energy – more than most people probably realise, so when you are running around like crazy and forgetting to eat lunch, stop. Stop and get some food. Any food at this point and it will boost you up several notches. Try to pre-empt the activity and carry something in your bag with you – just in case.

Keep the body hydrated & keep your vitamins up. Everyone’s favourite Barocca is a good friend to have when you are burning the candle at both ends. Also, adding Flax Seed Oil (omega 3, 6 & 9) into your diet helps you to maintain your brain, joints and heart – keeping you going with a smile. Lastly, Ginseng & Ginkgo Bilobla – to get the energy boost and getting your brain synapses going.

For a more long term approach to this type of lifestyle – make sure you book time for yourself. As your calendar fills up, book an entire weekend as busy (just to do your own thing). This doesn’t mean you can’t go out or do things, but it does mean that you don’t have to. I like to call it ‘grounding yourself’ – as if you were a child being punished by your parents. I have blocks in my calendar, which I share with my OH that simply says “Busy: DO NOTHING”. It may sound silly, but you’ll thank yourself later.

Note from the author: I am not a nutritionist, therapist or anything of the like. I fully acknowledge that I am different than other people, so what works for me, isn’t ideal for everyone else. I have a history of anxiety, body breaks which means I behave differently. I’m regularly weak, tired, on painkillers or medications and have low blood sugar – so please keep in mind that this is a unique perspective.

Do I envy those with energy and a laid back attitude. I do very much and hope to obtain my inner peace someday.


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2 thoughts on “Sleep less, eat more: Is there healthy living for workaholics?

  1. Hi,

    Right…agree and disagree.

    Lifestyle in the 21st century is almost like “run, run, run, fall, run, run”. A choice for some and an obligation for others.

    RedBull not sure about this. Having BLOCKS in your calendar!? Erm…that’s just odd.

    Technology is essential, BUT work your job shouldn’t badly affect your life. There is a clear line between both.

    You should eat to live, and not live to eat – same applies to work.

    Enjoyable read though…enjoy your life 🙂


    1. Haha – yes, by no means do I think this is the way to live, but if you find yourself in the situation, it pays to be prepared.

      Calendar blocks are great if you have a busy social/work life. Sometimes you just need to chill – and I often book stuff into every weekend and forget and then don’t get any time to get around to the little things. Like writing blog posts 🙂

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