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Online connections – How many sites are you linked to?

The topic comes up regularly in our household: how are we connected? What are we syncing to? Could we eliminate any of the extra steps? What – this isn’t typical conversation in your house?

So we decided to make lists. Every place online we store data. @Johnstok sent me his list and I looked at it and thought – oh wow, okay, surely mines less than that… Nope. Not only did I have some to add, I uncovered more for him!

So here is my list of sites and apps that I push my data through or sync to almost daily (and sorry sites, but I can’t link to each of you – maybe if there weren’t so many!) [blogs] [blogs]
Blogger [blogs]
LiveJournal – yes, still! Don’t really use but haven’t deleted
Tumblr [random – coffee pics]
Google Reader [favourites, blog list, unread posts]
Delicious [bookmarks for research]
Twitter [favourites, tweets, contacts, DMs, lists]
Facebook [messages, photos, contacts, posts]
LinkedIn [contacts, messages]
Google Mail [contacts, mail, notes]
Google Calendar [events]
IFTTT [tasks]
Vimeo [favourites, videos]
YouTube [Favourites, videos, shares] [scrobbles, favs]
Flickr [pictures, contacts, favs]
Skype [contacts, messages]
Meebo [contacts, messages]
Google Plus [posts, circles, images]
Amazon [purchases]
Ebay [purchases, buy & sell]
Dropbox [files]
ReadItLater [read items, unread items]
LoveFilm [movies to watch, movies watched]
Netflix [movies & TV watched]
Peer Index [linked]
TwitPic [photos]
Gravatar [Avatar]
Disqus [comments]
Wunderlist [tasks]
iCloud [reminders, bookmarks, music library]
Google Chat [chat transcripts]
Google Docs [documents]
Google Search [web history]
Google Latitude [check-ins]
Google Bookmarks [bookmarks]
Instagram [photos]
Get Glue [tv, film watched; books read; activities]
Spotify [Music, playlists, favourites, shared]
Path [pictures, contacts, check-ins, linked to other accounts]
Yelp [Reviews, pictures, check-ins]
Urbanspoon [Reviews]
Foursquare [check-ins, tips, favourites] [Bio, links out, connections]
Empire Avenue [linked – not sure really!]
Pinterest [stuff I want, love, need, saved]
Meebo [chat, connections]
StumbleUpon [favourites, interesting content]
Digg [favourites, interesting content]
Blip Photo [photos]
Yammer x 2 [links, work sharing]
Banks x 4 [bank & CC accts]
Apple Store/apps etc [apps, music, tv, movies]
Friendfeed [links, feeds, aggregation]
Posterous [blog]
Klout [linked]

I found/realised more. Oh jeez.

63 68. Count them.

There could possibly be some missing still – kinda scary! When do you reduce, when do you consolidate? It’s surprising how they add up. How many do you have? is there a chunk of them you could ditch?


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2 thoughts on “Online connections – How many sites are you linked to?

  1. Of course I have a list 😉 Without cross referencing to your list it’s 51. When I look through yours it’s 59. It’s really quite scary – hadn’t counted before!!!!

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