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The Annual New Year Resolution Post – 2012

There is an oxymoron of absurdity and beauty about the idea that because a date changes, you get a clean slate to start over. The beauty lies in the psychology behind how a simple date change can convince our minds that we can actually have this fresh start. It’s a new year or even tomorrow’s another day.

To not scupper tradition, I am too joining in the millions around the world who are looking for 2012 to indeed be a New Year, on many levels.

My resolutions are simple, and therefore I hope achievable. If you set yourself unobtainable or unrealistic goals, you are really just setting yourself up for a fall or failure – and then you’ll end up having to take three steps back.

Resolution 1:
I did well in getting back into working out last year, training for the triathlon relay, and while I’ve had injury issues along the way, I was doing a pretty good job at getting back into shape. Therefore, now that I’ve taken a month (maybe more…) off, I plan on continuing to go to the gym, therefore I won’t make that a resolution. However, I do need to take better care of myself in other ways, such as drinking less, caring more about what I put into my body, stress etc. Also, seeing the right people to ensure my shoulder/neck/back issues aren’t long-term.

Also, I do want to make a concerted effort to ride my new bike more.

Resolution 2:
Focus more on my personal life and self and less on  being married to job. I do live to work and maybe I’m not balancing it as well as I should. This will include many things, but some are: more ‘me’ time to do what I love doing and seem to never have time for; spending time with my other half and family, learning new things.

Resolution 3:
Learning new things! I want to take my new camera and get back into photography, including creating all the creative photo plans I’ve had in the past, as well as using the 1080p camera and Final Cut Express to actually get more involved in video editing. Just need a muse now! Might be Chase Kitteh at first…

I’ve also signed up for the Code Academy – so maybe I’ll learn to code a bit as well.

Lastly, get back into using more, maybe use some of the coding to improve this blog through the back-end.

Okay – so not much to get on with then! Better get started…

Happy 2012 to you all and may it be a great one!


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2 thoughts on “The Annual New Year Resolution Post – 2012

  1. It’s better to have a few resolutions you know you can accomplish as opposed to lots that you don’t. Good luck!

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