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The inspiration behind #Metal2Medal: Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun is a charitable organisation based in South Africa whose approach is to transform and uplift impoverished communities by focussing on orphans and vulnerable children and equipping them with the skills needed to succeed in life.  They do this through a broad range of child development programmes run from community centres in the townships.

By working with leaders within the communities and training local community members to deliver the programmes Afrika Tikkun ensures that ownership and skills remain in the community thereby ensuring long-term impact and stability.

These children are living in the slums, in danger, with drugs being pushed to them on a regular basis and being encouraged to participate in criminal activities. Afrika Tikkun provides them with a safe place to go after school while they wait for their parents or siblings to get off of work; an education and helps to build the confidence to encourage and enable children to be the first generation that makes it out.

Belron, who are the sponsors of the triathlon, have raised over £2 Million for Afrika Tikkun, with the goal for this year’s Triathlon to raise €1 Million. Not only do Belron sponsor the Triathlon each year, but they also hold tryouts, coach and train a group of athletes to come an participate in the Triathlon each year. These athletes may have never left their village, much less the country, and might never have the opportunity again.

I truly believe in this charity that gives so much to people with so little and focuses on Education  and positive participation in activities as a way to get out of the lives they’ve been given.

The two bigmouthmedia triathlon teams have raised over £1100 as of today, and I am very touched. My friends and family have been hugely supportive over the past few years and to donate this much money as well, well, it’s just the icing on the cake!

If you would like to donate you can do so on our Virgin Money donation page.

There will be activities happening to follow online on the day of the event – just follow #BelronTri or @belrontri2011 for more info – there should be some exciting things happening!


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