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Working in digital kills you [infographic]

Okay, I might have exaggerated that title slightly, but this has been more and more on the forefront of my mind lately – and the stats are scary! Says the girl who just went to the doctor today and when asked what she did for a living, she replied “I work in digital; basically I just sit and type all day.”

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding


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2 thoughts on “Working in digital kills you [infographic]

  1. I read an article recently about a woman who wanted to lose weight so got a standing desk at work – lbs fell off her and her whole physique and posture improved. Apparently the worst bit was sore feet for a few weeks and she has to wear trainers to work all the time but when I think of how much time I sit down in the day standing sounds so much healthier. jx

  2. Hi Juliet –
    I agree! I have two friends that have begun using the standing desks – one it works for very well, as he paces a lot. I believe the other was keeping a blog/diary about his experience. I’ll try to find the link to see how he’s getting on.

    I have noticed that I am definitely standing at my desk more than before!

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