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Product review: Zhu-Zhu Lavender Body Wrap

So pain is not anything new to me. Having been a migraine sufferer since the age of two and with the (more recent than 1982 at least) back break, I’ve been looking into more ways to deal with pain.

My prime methods for both migraines, headaches and backaches (quite similar solutions to be honest!) are:

  • Painkillers (ibuprofen or co-codomol)
  • hot bath
  • hot water bottle
  • If needed Prescription meds (Solpodol, Diazepam, Diclophenac, Maxalt)

The one thing that differs is with my headaches & migraines, Lavender plays an integral part. Now as most migraine sufferers will know, smells are not your friend! This is what makes Lavender so unique. Not only is it good for headaches, but it’s a good stress reliever too – so if you get tension headaches it’s a big win.

I use a hand gel, bubble bath – Johnson & Johnson bed time bubble bath, L’Occitane hand balm & lavender gel (great for rubbing on the temples, neck, chest & under nose) – thanks to Sally for getting me hooked on this! Lastly, for the past 5 years I have been using a lavender wheat pouch that came with a Yoga kit I got – which doesn’t leave my bedside table.

The lavender pouch is just small enough to cover my eyes, so if I have a migraine or the partner wants to stay up and read in bed, it blocks the lights. The lavender benefits have been fading over the years, so I’ve now taken the plunge to a new one: I received A Lavender Body Wrap from (£6.99). Now this sounds a bit excessive, but it’s actually just the right size and is full of the much-needed Lavender aroma.

Like most of these products on the market, it’s a microwaveable wheat bag – which allows the option to heat and put across your shoulders or around your back. I found that the heat actually kept for a good amount of time – having the fear it would only last about 5 minutes.

For you migraine sufferers out there – it can be put in the freezer as well, which is ideal for me. However, as I mentioned, I use this often at night to calm me, keep out light and help me sleep. It’s my new security blanket – so I can’t keep this one in the freezer (however, this might be a good idea to do with my old one!).

Now, if they made Lavender wheat gel eye mask – I would be all over that! To be honest, for £7, I’m not sure why I didn’t replace my old one sooner.

They offer loads of options on their site (including eye masks of sorts), stuffed animals (parents: don’t underestimate if your child has a headache. They might not understand what it is – see if one of these helps?) and even eye masks (just not the one I described above!


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