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Another move, another TalkTalk Fail – Updated

Final Update: The @TalkTalkCare made every effort to help me. Looked into my issues and resolved the situation. I feel TalkTalk are making an effort in improving their customer service and it shows.

Update: They have been in touch via Twitter and have been very proactive. I shall update this post as the issue progresses/is resolved.

As many of you might remember, a year ago I moved property and had several issues with transferring my TalkTalk account to the new property, closing the old account, contract term issues, engineers failing to show up on the day appointed, etc. After THREE MONTHS of issues, this was finally sorted, the correct accounts were finally credited and I was going to finish out my original 18 moth contract (which was agreed) and then cancel my account – never to use them again.

Fast forward a year. Moving time again. One month left on my contract and time to put in the cancellation phone call as there was no way in hell I would be moving them to my new location.

Surprise came when I made this phone call to discover my contact doesn’t end until November and conveniently there are ‘no notes on my account’ (see the recurring theme). This is still in progress, however wanted to share my email to them below and urge you, for quality customer service (although rare amongst phone/broadband companies in general), TalkTalk have been repeatedly poor and to not use them.

I am tempted to contact Watchdog at this point, as their ‘not in the notes on the account’ is a bit too convenient.

I will update on how my experience turns out. To read the letter click below.

I am very unhappy with the service I have received over the past 17 months and I phoned yesterday to attempt to cancel, this was no different.

After being passed from ‘cancellation services’ to ‘customer services’ to the ‘retention department’; having to tell them EACH all the same information and running up a bill on my mobile, which cost me £x.xx (unacceptable) then I was cut off after 25 minutes.

The problem is still not resolved & there was no way to get back in touch with the person with whom I was speaking – who’s system should have known what number I was calling from.

When I switched to this account from acct number xxxxxxx – phone number xxxxxxxx, I had several issues and several discussions, one being surrounding my 18 month contract beginning from 1 because I was moving premises. I was eventually told that though it wasn’t normal practice, TalkTalk would allow me to continue on my already going 6 month contract.

I have now called, near what I thought was the end of my contract to be told that there is no trace of this in the notes of my account and my contract doesn’t end until November.

This is unacceptable and the fact that one of the call centre staff did not put the correct information in the notes – or any information at all – is not only disappointing but frustrating as I have no proof. How convenient.

I also find this potentially malicious as I have had this problem with you before where the information was just ‘not in the notes’.

I am going to be cancelling my account as soon as possible and refuse to pay through November for and an account that should be ending in June and I would like a refund for the mobile phone costs.

I would appreciate if someone would contact me to discuss on my mobile number xxxxxxxxx, as I am unavailable on the landline.



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