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The best of the Royal Wedding: Will & Kate 2011

The royal wedding is tomorrow and I am actually quite excited!

There is something about being an American in the UK during such a unique and event full of such British pride and community.

I have seen a few things here and there around the Royal Wedding that I just felt I had to share. Hopefully if I get some spare time, I’ll get some of my own pictures of people, decorations, tat etc, but up to now, this will just have to do!

First and maybe most importantly – have you downloaded the Royal Wedding phone app?! If not, here’s a list thanks to the BBC.

Thanks to @johannabasford for the pic!

How Fairy-Tale weddings compare (infographic)

Knit your own Corgi! (Guardian via Brand DNA)

Who pays for the Royal Wedding (infographic)

Tweeting banned at Royal Wedding (mashable)

Think you’re a MILF? Well what are your chances of becoming a QILF (or PILF)? Mine? slim! (Facebook)

Royal Wedding Will & Kate Stamps

Find your Royal Name! Mine isĀ Duchess Darcie Lulu Tannerberton of Edinburghport (eOnline)

As always, you’ll find a great set of pictures on all the news sites and Flickr: Royal Wedding Pics.

What am I doing for the big day you ask? Well, I am meeting up with friends to drink champagne in the sun, bbq and send the happy couple off through the medium of television. I’m quite soft, so I’ll probably tear up a bit. It’s quite surreal, but I have to admit, I am enjoying it.


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