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#Metal2Medal: update 11th April

Starting back at swimming so much so soon, probably wasn’t the best idea, especially with my recent spasms & the issues that causes (seeing the therapist for it tomorrow!), the pain today was quite substantial.

Now, I know pain – I’ve had 14 screws drilled into my spine – so even though I’m a general exaggerator, when it comes to pain I’m not. I either tell it like it is, or downplay it.

Regardless, today I was in pain. The right side of my back & neck (spasm city) were making me pay for it. So I did what any person would do: went back to the pool today to work it off.

Today’s Goals:
• Make it to the pool
• Have a relaxed long distance swim, no pressure – why even keep track?

Today’s results:
• 30 laps of the width of the pool (~300m)
• 20 laps without stopping (500 yars)
• 14 more (350 yards)

Total: just under 1000m

Note: today’s swimming was in a 25 yard length pool; however the first half was width, so that is a guestimate.

UPDATED: 100yards = 91.44m

*also note I did this post on the Worspress iPhone app, so I have no idea what it looks like!


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