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#Metal2Medal: The history & the goal

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In order to get myself back in shape and fighting fit, I’ve agreed to be part of a relay team for the Belron Triathlon (for charity of course!). Now don’t get too excited; I’m’ only doing the swimming leg of a Relay Triathlon Sprint, but as I’m still building my muscle back up from my accident, this is a big deal for me.

So here is the plan: From metal to medal!

You may remember what happened when I tried to ride a bike in 2009. Well I had my second surgery in July 2010 to have the metal removed and the triathlon is in July 2011.

So now is the time to start setting goals; and by sharing the publicly, I have to achieve my goals publicly – no backing out now!

A few things to consider:

  • Yes I was a competitive swimmer, however I’ve not done a lake race, nor ever raced in a wet suit
  • The back stuff
  • I’m a sprinter

So over the next 110 days (D-Day 30th July), starting today, I am going to have to train. This means building up the stamina to do 750 meters without stopping – and then to do 750 meters as fast as I can. I am going to begin keeping a bit of a journal here, which I’ll update on my progress.

I plan on going with triathlon teams to practice near the Pentlands starting in May – then I’ll see what I’m really made of. I’ve been wanting to get back into competitive sport for a while, so I’m excited about this.

And have no fear – I’m sure I’ll be back asking for donations from you soon!

Wish me luck.

Today’s goals:

  • Swim 400 meters without stopping
  • swim at least 550 meters
  • bonus if I swam 750

Today’s results:

  • Swam 400 with out stopping (20 laps)
  • rested 1 minute & swam 400 more without stopping (20 laps)
  • swam an additional 80 meters (4 laps)

I realised after the first 400 that I wouldn’t be doing flip-turns in the lake so I was technically wasting energy; so for the sake of the goal for the 31st, I will temporarily be avoiding flip- turns (although I was impressed that I could do them again once the metal was removed!)

Results for today were above the goal, so that’s a WIN!


  • The race is 750 meters
  • I’m training in a 20 meter pool
  • 750 meters is 37.5 laps


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