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Change is my middle name

CDid you know that my middle initial is a C? Many would have you believe it stands for Christine, after both my grandmothers, and maybe once it did, but now it stands for change. No not change in the Obama way, which would be nice, but over the past year I’ve managed to change a lot of different aspects of my life and am continuing to do so still.

My best friend Marie and I used to have an inside joke that relayed around the line “Change is good!” Now this stemmed from a number of costume changes on a stage show by a Ms. Reba McIntyre at her concerts at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo – all very Texas.  Now, being an inside joke, it’s not meant to be understood by anyone else, but that one night and one joke is still making its way into conversations between Marie & myself and actually has deeper resonance.

Change is good.

So I’m going through change. I’ve changed my name (which you might have noticed on my various social media channels) back to my maiden name of Tanner. The only problem with this really is that it kinda screws the whole DTC brand; but I’ll find a way to change that too.

I’ve changed flats, twice and changed my outlook on how I approach life. This time last year, once my back was healed, I began a new job at CIVIC. Now, as I am writing this, one year later, I am preparing for my first day in a new role with BigMouthMedia.

I would like to note here my thanks to CIVIC for being so supportive through my back break and everything that followed. As well as allowing me to learn and grow in my career, receive training and attend SXSW. They are a very supportive and understanding group and I don’t want anyone to think I have taken any of that for granted. (side note: I also met my man there, so thanks for that too!)

So tomorrow I begin my career as a BigMouther. Suits me I would say. BigMouthMedia is a large company that has a vast offering from SEO, PPC, Analytics, Affiliate marketing etc. Recently merging with LBI and maintaining their position as the fastest growing company in Scotland, allows BMM to focus on running fully integrated digital marketing campaigns. I will be joining as part of the newish Social Media team and am looking forward to working with others whom I can learn from and with.

So tomorrow is my “first day of school”. I’ll be meeting new colleagues, finding out where the loos are and more importantly the coffee! Over the next few months do I expect more change? Most definitely, and the main change I’ll be focusing on is becoming the best I can be in my new role. Oh, and maybe workout more & drink less… but isn’t that what New Years resolutions are for?


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6 thoughts on “Change is my middle name

  1. Good luck with the new job Darcie. I’ve met BigMouthMedia folk at a trade show a while back (I work in web devt, design and marketing). Looks like a fun place to work.

    I know what you mean about turning life around. I’ve done a lot of that in the past five years, returning from living in the US and starting over in the UK.

    Anyway good luck hon!
    Max Turner

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