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SXSW interactive & 2010 trip

SXSW is always going to be an amazing experience, especially when it gives you the chance to go home, get some of your culture for a bit and see your friends & family. I did enjoy the event, however felt it lacked a bit of substance. Apparently others out there on the interweb agree that not only did this year have 40% more attendees and top the music numbers for the first time, but the content seemed to be a bit dumb downed*.

I’m going to go on a limb and be slightly controversial, but I feel there were two different causes for this:
1. Everyone with a computer and a Twitter account or Facebook page feel that they are now “Social Media Guru’s”. There was a lack in high-end SM/DM combination panels/workshops or Social and Digital media for the more technically advanced, which was a shame.

2. That’s what happens with the web these days. Over the past 15 years, with the progression and streamlined usage of the web and social media/networking/etc, anything that is popular and possibly special or seem elite, is now available for the masses. Popular cities are becoming overpopulated with newbies and people who grew up there seem like the minority (New York, Austin, just to name a couple) and this is happening with events as well.

Okay, so I’m having a bit of a rant and I’m not really this bitchy, so to end this I’ll share some pics from this trip and of one of my favourite cities that I have had the privilege of calling home (click on any image to see the full set):

*I did not, nor could I, attend every panel etc there was. This is just opinion on some that I did attend and the words of others.


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