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This Is It: Michael Jackson and music

Tonight I went to see This Is It, the tour titled documentary of Michael Jackson’s last months. He had announced his 50 stop ‘This Is It’ curtain call to his career, but sadly to many, including myself, and after much preparation, he passed on and the show was canceled.

There is no consolation to seeing him live, in person, however fans were lucky that filming took place during the rehearsals and preparation for the big finale, which would have begun July 2009 in London. What was captured to be parts of concert promos, videos and extras ended up being a 112 minute intimate concert made up of rehearsals, intertwined intermittently with comments from dancers, musicians and the crew of the tour (Extremely talented each and every one. Pay special attention to the female guitar player, Orianthi – AMAZING and so young!)

The quality and variety of his music and moves still gives me goosebumps and the film was put across in a way to help people (those who need reminding) what an amazing artist and pop icon he truely was. Even at 50 and working towards his goodbye, he was meticulous in detail and wanted the best for his fans.

Walking home I was thinking about how MJ has been a part of my life since birth. From seeing his 3D Thriller show at Disney World, his iconic American Pepsi commercials, adolescent romances and infamous videos in-between.

This also got me thinking about music in my life, how I always felt so passionate about it and over the past several years, it’s slowly died away, which is something I plan to rectify. Lastly, discussing first records, my dad raised me on music: Oldies, blues, The Stones, The Doors… so I grew up listening to his records and my first ‘own’ lp was an 7″ 2 sided with Kokomo by the Beach Boys on one side and Tutti Frutti by Little Richard on the other. I also learned tonight I still know the words to both.

In honour of MJ and music in general. Go pull out your old records, throw them on and let them take you back.

One good thing about music, when it hitsyou feel no pain (Bob Marley).


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