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distracted1I feel as if I haven’t applied an original thought to this site in a very long time. Reasons are plentiful and excuses, as always, are many. Most likely it’s a combination of blogging for other jobs, twitter and laziness.

Do other bloggers successfully use twitter and keep their blogs up to date. Yes, I’m just not successfully one of them. Twitter is blowing up at the moment and although I utilise the tool often and *hopefully* successfully for myself & my clients, I want more wide spread digital media news. The Guardian is often full of stories (in the Digi Med section) just on twitter and while I’m relying on such a source for tech news, I can’t write all day everyday about twitter.

I suppose if you go through my blog you’ll see a shift. A slow (in the tech world) shift from Advertising to a digital focus. The main issue I have with twitter, and only really have myself to blame, is that my already low attention span has basically become my obsolete attention span. Often I am juggling 4 things at once and not able to give anything 100% of my attention. Right now I am on a train, using my iPhone to approve blog comments and check email and on my computer in photoshop editing picures, trying tow write this and clean up my folders?! What will happen in the end, I’ll screw one of the above things up, simply because I’m not paying attention.

Potential employers, you did not just read that.

I’ll catch up soon. Topics I feel the need to share are the Edinburgh Festivals – fringe, book and more. I’ve seen some great shows and still have a couple to go. Douglas Coupland (author of my previous book quote) is this Sunday which I’m really looking forward to.


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