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The Aimless Penguin


One girl
One car
One video camera
…and a shitload of fun!

Just over two months ago, a friend of mine from university, Renee McMahon went on a massive road trip around the states with her her Penguin Terry and created an amazing online presence surrounding her adventures.

Entitled The Aimless Penguin, Renee filmed over 30 videos, all of which will have you on the floor laughing. Her creativity seems to have no end and you never know what idea she’s going to come up with next.

Using online tools such as Twitter (@aimlesspenguin), Facebook, YouTube, the Aimless Penguin Site & Blog, she was able to keep everyone informed & entertained, including polls and donations for caffeine (and your own Aimless Penguin memorabilia!).

When I first looked at what Renee had done I was in awe of both her ambition, the travelling and how seamlessly it was all put together. Thank you for sharing such a great adventure (and helping me feel a bit more at home on the 4th of July!).

Check out The Aimless Penguin and all the video’s of ‘Nays travels. From meeting new & interesting people to experiencing the unpredictable.


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