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I'm a blipper

Some great guys from Rocket in Edinburgh designed and built Co-founded by Joe Tree and then developed by the team into a fully-fledged online system during any studio downtime. allows anyone to set up their own journal and publish one photo a day for free.

It started in July 2006 and since then the site has grown well beyond expectations.

Where Flickr, enables users to share sets & collections, Blipfoto is more of a photo Journal, often with stories or thoughts behind the photo that was taken, a current event or a situation that occurred during that day/when photo was taken.

With Flickr I can upload events and share them with my family & friends all thousands of miles away, Blipfoto takes more concentration and an actual effort to take a photo, that I deem usable, DAILY. Thanks to meta data, the picture must be uploaded on the day it’s taken.

So far I’m having to learn discipline, but in the end I think it’s totally worth it.

Set up your own account and share your days. Just let me know your user name!

UPDATE:  Yesterday marked Blip’s 3rd birthday and the launch of their iPhone App! Get yours, it’s free!


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2 thoughts on “I'm a blipper

  1. Hey,

    I just setup my Blipfoto account, username is chrishamilton. There’s nothing there yet, but I plan on getting it started tomorrow.


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