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Little Dishy on the Side

Juliet Lawrence Wilson does a few things. She is a writer, crafter extraordinaire and down with the online world as well. Her blog, Little Dishy, is a place dedicated to her showing step-by-step instructions so others, like me and you, can “make gorgeous and delicious things for yourself & others.”

Also a regular contributor to Gin, Juliet edits the Humanist magazine Humanite and is a celebrant for Humanist ceremonies. Through some of these outlets, she has interviewed and met some of the most interesting people in existence.

For the Social Media Quiz of the Year for our Edinburgh Coffee Morning, she surprised us all with amazing handmade tweed iPhone & Netbook covers, which she is also kindly donating towards the raffle at Edinburgh’s Twestival (@EdTwestival) and will soon be for sale online.

You can find her at any of the aforementioned places, often at the ECM on Fridays and on twitter at @LittleDishy


A Texan Lassie. Digital Media Geek.

3 thoughts on “Little Dishy on the Side

  1. Darcie,

    As a grateful recipient of not one, but two of @littledisy’s wonderful Tweed creations, (for my Netbook and iPod), I can do no more than agree with your view that this creative diva, absolutley rocks.

    As a ‘man’, I might be tempted to add that the aforesaid ‘littledishy’ is also extremely easy on the eye.

    However, as ‘married man’ such phrases would not issue from my lips, nor keyboard of course, and I keep such thoughts, TO myself, and FROM my wife.

    Luckily my good lady, (or as she prefers to describe herself; ‘The Gargoyle’) hasn’t discovered the internets yet, so I can rest easy that she will be blissfully unaware of my above comments.

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