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Edinburgh Twestival

In the name of charity and all things geekiness and great Edinburgh is one of 140 cities all over the world participating in the Twestival event on the 12th of February in the name of meeting fellow Tweeters and for Charity:Water.

From the first mention by Jim Wolff about @EdTwestival a mere month ago at one of our coffee mornings, it has taken off like crazy. From loads of donations of raffle prizes to sponsorships by companies such as Big Mouth Media and Blonde, not to mention great PR help from Hot Tin Roof.

Did I just see an #EdTwestival ad on a local no.9 bus??? on TwitPic

Thanks to the overwhealming help and support, the Edinburgh Twestival has been mentioned in The Scotsman, BBC News, The Metro and thanks to Phil Adams at Blonde, EdTwestival even has it’s own bus adverts running around the city and are working on a live tracking system for the night of the event called @WeMet, which you can read about here.

What is unique about the Edinburgh event is that some of us know one another from the Edinburgh Coffee Mornings and through other various ways, however we will still be likened to most other Twestival events in that many of the people we follow and are followed by, we have yet to meet in person.

Should be good fun and I am throughly looking forward to it, just not sure if we should still have ECM at 8am the next morning!


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3 thoughts on “Edinburgh Twestival

    1. It was great! Very few opportunities to get together with such a large group of local McTwitteri.

      They have had Edi & Glasgow tweetups, so keep an eye out if you fancy getting together with local fellow twitterers (what a word!).

      Checked out your site, your photos are great!


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