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Virtual Blackout

It’s been 5 days since I’ve been webless, apart from my iPhone (where I’m currently writing this post), which helps for the nessecities through it’s apps for Twitter, Facebook, my email client & it’s Safari browser. However, it is still a small, hand held device, not really meant to completely replace your computer for tasks such as copy/pasting, viewing items large or spell check (so forgive any typos in this post please).

Today I was on a mission to take my computer out and give us both some much needed wifi love & attention. Thinking I would give Victor @ Centotre a break from my mug, I tried some other places on for size. Hrmmm…

Local uno: weak connection & exceptionally loud music. Bareable once I switched seats to obtain said weak signle, then when battery was up, that was it. No plugs. Notta one!

Place two: found a plug, wifi works on iPhone, but not on Mac. Killing me!

Cest le vie. Computer, my love, today was not meant to be…


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