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The Web of Life

Three weeks. It’s been three weeks since I’ve had internet at my abode and being a “work-at-homer” this is a problem. Am I going crazy? Yes. Was it nice at first? Not really. If I was on holiday somewhere warm, maybe, but this is normal day-to-day life. Things need to be read/watched/typed/sent/received whathaveyou.

“What about the iPhone you’re always going on about D? Thought it was God in hand held form?” Well taunt all you want, but it has helped quite a bit, seeing as I have NO HOME PHONE (or TELE!) due to this process eitherĀ  and I’m trying to set up a new flat. At least I can receive emails and do basic online tasks, that before, were just sprinkles on the icing on the cake. They’ve now become the egg in the batter. A must have.

Virgin Media are on my list and a letter will be written. Will it have pretty pictures of indistinguishable food, probably not, but it will be descriptive none the less.


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4 thoughts on “The Web of Life

  1. They don’t seem to speak to one another and more importantly us. They keep feeding us bs lines such as “two to three days”. It’s regarding whether or not the same company (VM) can provide us phone/tv/web at our new location as it did in our old. For some reason over here they can supply people across the street, but not you. It get’s really ridiculous! (I’m gonna miss the next season of Grey’s Marie!!!)

    1. It was a total of 6 weeks!!! They are still having trouble getting their act together, but at least I have unlimited wifi and my digi tv channels back!

      I’m such a dork.

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