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Temporary Loss of Power

As some of you might know, H, Chase (pictured above) and I are moving flats. It’s been a drawn out process and I look forward to seeing the back of it come the end of January!

In light of this, we are having our brilliant Virgin trifecta (phone/broadband/tv) transferred and as helpful as they are, I feel our new building lives on freeview, as no one had the proper facilities installed. Could be an interesting week. They are letting us keep our box for 30 days with all our V+ goodness on it, in hopes that they can hook it up early next week.

Which means at some point today when they disconnect the afformentioned trifecta (the phone is already gone), I don’t know when I will have proper web access again.

Now, for a media/web junkie like myself…web & tv are essential. I guess it’s good I’m moving next to one of Edinburgh’s best pubs: The Cumberland Bar.

Point of this drawn out, Centotre/Edinburgh Coffee Morning fuled explanation, is that I won’t be able to post as much or if I do via the WordPress iPhone app, as neatly as I would like.

Okay, I’m becoming the queen of procrasination. Must pack up the flat.


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