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Merry New Year!

Better late than never eh?! Hope everyone had a joyous winter solstice (unless your on the other side of the world where it’s warm, not sure it works the same way) and a festive Hogmanay!

I am slowly getting back to having time to read blogs (yay!) and hopefully back to adding to this one. God I miss having a job where I have access to a computer (and a chair) all day! It’s my life, I just need to find someone willing to pay me to do it.

Anyhow, I have a pretty burnt right hand, am sick again, must do my taxes, get xmas pics on to Flickr before next xmas and move flats, but hopefully other than that, I’ll be back in action here and on your domains asap.

2009 isn’t gonna beat me this easily!


A Texan Lassie. Digital Media Geek.

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