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Brain Powered Audience

I have come to my own conclusion that advertising people make ads almost to suit/for others in advertising as much as for the general public.  Although is stated that the agencies with the most awards get more work and are the best, I would like to see the actual figures on how much more chocolate Cadbury’s actually sold because of the Gorilla. Who cares, I’m sorta on the right side of the coin and I get to enjoy them.

Having said that, recently CHI London has brought out their latest (I believe) installment of the Thunderbird type ‘Keep your brain hydrated’ adverts for Drench and every time, without fail, my husband cracks up! Would he be more likely to drink the water now? Well, it’ll depend on the price at pos. Myself, it’s more the font that grabbed my attention. Between the design and the brain power message, I think they’ve done their job on me.  However, I reuse my water bottles with tap water for AGES, so the size and fit of my bottle are quite important.  Me, picky? never. Enjoy the ad and make sure you check out the website, it’s quite good and take the quiz to find out if your brain is well enough hydrated!


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