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Advertising is the new black


Have I used that headline before?

First it was doctors, then lawyers, then detectives, then crime scene investigators. Now, it’s AdMen. A modern day take on the world of being an advertising creative is coming to our screens. Well, America’s screens, so we just have to hope we get it and they like it. If we like it and they don’t, it still gets canceled.

Trust Me the new show about the lives of two advertising creatives (a team) & their worlds being sold as having been written by real Ad Creatives and coming from the producers of Nip/Tuck. With the cute tag line They’ll sell everything but their friendship. Hmmm…

If successful, I wonder if eventually they’ll pull the CSI or Law & Order route and branch out to different offices in different cities. I wonder if it’s going to be difficult watching Eric McCormack play a straight man… I’m sure I’ll get over it after a few episodes.

Will it be good? We shall see. Will it make me wish I had my dream job, most probably. Will the number of students signing up to go into advertising increase, most definitly.

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4 thoughts on “Advertising is the new black

  1. “Trust Me” sounds like it could be awesome.
    If you like it, you be on the lookout for a new novel called “Soul for Sale”
    About life in the ad biz – and life itself.
    Read an advance copy.
    Crazy good.
    So accurate it hurts.

  2. Haven’t seen Madmen but gets good reviews.

    The best ad related thing I remember was 30 something (you were 12 something)

    The Ginger Basketball gadgey was a copywriter and his stuff was credible.

    anything ever about ad agencies on British TV has smelled of piss and ham.

    But there is, of course literature. and Joshua Ferris’ And then it came to an end proves that advertising is still a rich seam of drama.

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