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The Big O

Brilliant. I can just imagine every 20-55yr old woman who has never had the pleasure of an orgasm, who writes letters into Cosmo magazine and compulsively purchases said magazine monthly to figure out how to find their “maybe it exists, maybe it doesn’t” g-spot, running out and purchasing boxes of this stuff.

Well I say good luck ladies! May the Play be with you.

…and p.s. Durex, PLEASE don’t make a version using mens ‘O’ faces!

I know McCann Erickson is handling the “O” Social Media Campaign, but I’m not sure who did the TV ad.


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7 thoughts on “The Big O

  1. I look after the social media campaign for Play O at McCann and I just wanted to say thanks very much for mentioning us and Play O in your post. Just to clarify, we had nothing to do with the male version of the ad – even though IMHO it’s quite funny 🙂

  2. Just what, exactly, is this commercial trying to portray?

    I’ve certainly never seen an expression like that on the face of any lady I’ve known.

    Am I/or they, missing something?

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