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Once again…

I’m a year older, and damn it’s getting repetitive!

Every b-day since the Return to Saturn album came out, I enjoy listening to No Doubt’s Six Feet Under on my birthday. It’s just a groovy ska-y type b-day song and makes me smile, so maybe it’ll make you smile too.

Not an actual video, just a pic with the song, but that’s the most important part ;oD

And the lyrics:
In the morning I wake up
And in the night I sleep
Since the day that I was born
Repeat, repeat, repeat
Brought to this life
Born to this life
Where was I before?
Non-existent? Not at all?
Will I ever know?

Today is my birthday
And I get one every year
And some day…
Hard to believe
But I’ll be buried six feet underground

Subconsciously motivated natural instinct
Alter nature for the pleasure
Flirt with conception
Slow the cycle
Will the baby grow?
Social tradition interference
Control, control, control


Spinning, spinning
Before I can recall
All the unknown chemicals
Control the cycle
The successive generations
From dust to dust
Burying my grandma
Then give birth to my own daughter


As many people are having their December work parties this week, I hope everybody has a happy Darcie Day!


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