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The social media experiment

So I have decided and volunteered to create a social media campaign for my part-time retail job. As it’s an individual versus a chain, there could be immense benefits from a campaign such as this and regardless what you may think of social media, bottom line is, it’s pretty darn affordable.

A problem they seem to have had since they opened their Aberdonian Farm Shop in Edinburgh, The Store, was that people didn’t know what they were. An expensive organic shop? A bath shop? A boutique of some sort? Bluntly, it’s “your farm shop in the city” and they should stick with that. It works and says what they are/do.

My only limits thusfar is that I am going to go as far as I can on the cheap (read: free), which should be okay. The only other limit is that I’m the only one who knows how to do most of it and they aren’t going to pay me an extra fee for constant upkeep and some aspects will need to be updated regularly and cross linked with another ect.

However, I enjoy it. I do it on a daily basis for myself, and if you look at this list of companies using social media (and how) that Jon from posted on my friendfeed recently, my brand, DTC, is up there with any of the others in regards to a SM campaign. Althogh, I’m more like Kate Moss. My brand is myself, anything I do personally affects my work, but I don’t get millions and constant job offers…

[shameless plug below]

Since I’m doing it I may as well get it all out here and plug it. If you live in Edinburgh (or Aberdeen) and have even the slightest interest in fresh local produce, locally sourced goodies and  the finest Aberdeen Angus beef and grass fed lamb you’ll ever taste, check out the website or better yet, become our fan on facebook and spread the word.  Also, you can check out some of our photos on The Store’s Flickr site!  Goregous food, delicious staff! Can it get better than that?!

update: you can follow The Store on twitter too!


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