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Recently I have been taken smitten by the new ads out for The Natural Confectionery Co. by Fallon London. They just make you chuckle and are somewhat endearing. Also knowing that ads can still be produced using strong bits of copy over major art direction, in both commercial and press ads makes me happy as well.

Above is my favourite on the telly so far and unfortunately I can’t post my favourite print ad because I can’t source it online and can’t scan the one I have in front of me.  I’ve looked at it over & over and I keep laughing. It’s just so silly and I’m a big dork, so I love it.

There is a pineapple sweet saying: “Did you know we contain only natural colours?’ Then a wee bear sweet says: “I’m sorry. I don’t speak pineapple.”


Will try to post it here soon.

Client: The Natural Confectionery Company
Agency: Fallon, London
Executive Creative Director: Richard Flintham
Creative Associate: Dirk Van Dooren
Creative: Matt Keon
Agency Producer: Gemma Knight
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Tom Kuntz
Producer: Nell Jordon
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Editorial Company: Cut + Run


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