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Mailer Madness – updated

Click image to download pdf of mailer
Click image to download pdf of mailer

I wrote this whole blog post, see below, only to walk into my kitchen & realise that I put my OLD initials, in paint, on already stamped envelopes. Yep, I still have it. I am still the reason they invented Sod’s Law. They are all proud and beaming DCT instead of DTC. Go Figure. It’s going to be a long weekend. #?@!

The mailer I’ve been working on for several months has finally come to fruition and started landing on desks today. I’m quite nervous and have been waiting for a phone call from anyone familiar who might be receiving one saying “Stop, somethings wrong! Don’t send  out anymore!”

Another fear of mine was that with such goodness inside, the envelope was extremely plain and I am worried that it might get overlooked. I had previously thought I should do something, but had decided against it for a couple reasons: 1. I didn’t have the money to do what I wanted, 2. I was impatient and wanted to get them out there, as the project has seemed to take forever, and 3. whenever I try to do something that takes much artistic talent, i.e. painting/drawing etc, it doesn’t end well.

Ideally, I would have airbrushed or spray-painted DTC on the envelope with a stencil, maybe down the side. To give it some oomph. Or done something similar in Photoshop and printed it on the envelopes, but of course, the names were one them already and I have that kind of luck where they would have printed upside down, uneven or backwards and I’m on a budget.

I would like to say that the envelope doesn’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts, but in this industry, I know better than that. CD’s get stuff all the time and you need to grab ppls attention from the very begining. It will be FANTASTIC if they don’t bin it and get inside to the goodies of a matching Moo postcard and Moo business card to boot, but I am preparing myself for the first “this wasn’t thought all the way through…I almost didn’t open it… you were so close…” comments.

That being said, I went with my gut and the second batch (sorry first batch people, you are just as important!), I’ve used resources in my home to decorate the outside top of the envelope. Tin foil, a blade and paint. Let’s hope this doesn’t work against me instead of for me, as it will either look like graff art, as it should, or like I asked a 6yr old to play with my work.

 Supposed to say DTC. I USED to be DCT, previous to marriage. Bollox.
Supposed to say DTC. I USED to be DCT, previous to marriage. Bollox.

I’ve managed to come up with a new, less over the top/sloppy and correct envelope design. New envelopes and hopefully some salvage postage later, here we are. Took one of the images and used what was already there. Why try to improve on something you already have? Silly Darcie: K.I.S.S!

DTC Mailer Envelope
DTC Mailer Envelope


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