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Film reccomendation: In Bruges

Brenden Gleeson & Colin Farrell

Brenden Gleeson & Colin Farrell

Coming highly recommended from Mark Gorman’s blog, H and I rented In Bruges last weekend. Absolutely brilliant. I know I’ve been saying that about a lot of stuff lately, but why should I post about crap stuff?!

This film is extremely well written and laugh out loud funny, in a dark kinda way.  Issues maybe you shouldn’t laugh at, but it feels so good to do.

There is a racist dwarf, that’s all I’m going to say. I’ll let you learn and enjoy the rest.

It’s in the local video shops now (lovefilm as well) and seems to be developing quite a cult following. Films need to work on their promoting; I’ve noticed quite a few that have been brilliant, however due to poor promotion barely anyone/no one hears about them and therefore amazing films aren’t enjoyed by the masses.

That’s why I’m spreading the word here.

I hope you enjoy.

p.s. if you dislike foul language, political incorrectness and violence in films. This might not be for you.


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