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Crazy creatives – literally

According to this article on, experts are currently pondering the link between mental illness and creativity.

Well, duh. If you aren’t mad enough to be creative, it definitely drives you there!

But on a serious note, I’ve been told by more than one mentor, that as a creative it’s not rare for me (or any creative) to feel self conscious (specifically about their own work), even the ones that come across cocky, and to need that reassurance from others and/or their superior. I know that’s not necessarily a mental disorder, but it’s psychological none-the-less.

One problem I’ve experienced personally, is when I become depressed I haven’t figured out how to channel it outwards, creatively, which is something I’m working on, versus holding it all in – and boy, when that day comes – watch out world!

The one issue I did have with this article however, was referring to the control group as the “healthy people”. Just because some suffers from bi-polar disorder or depression does not mean they aren’t healthy… but then I’m just being a bit nit picky I suppose.

The article is definitly worth a read if you have the time.


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