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The Future

I appreciate Britan’s enthusiasm in the upcoming campaign and the fact that there is finally someone that people can get behind positivly versus through hate. Even though I shared the hate with them, it was often taken out on me, being a. from the USA and b. from Texas. I have often been treated as if I was personally responsible for George W. being in the White House. Well, thankfully that time is drawing to a close.

However, even though I have yet to meet someone in the UK who would vote for McCain or could even understand how he could possibly have a chance of winning – I lived & voted in two elections that saw G.W. come into office – in a very sketchy way I might ad – and I’m scared.

I have noticed a few people I know back in the states are still very pro conservative/republican and this baffles me. Pro McCain and proud of it. The Facebook group for McCain has 260,455 supporters. Many who immediately jumped on the Sarah Palin bandwagon.

One has to wonder what triggers in these peoples minds. Whilst many people in America, myself included, have always been either Liberal or at least Democrat, many people, since Bush went into office have at least swayed a bit and decided America is in need for some change. I believe the die hard republicans are merely voting this way because they are to be everything associated with the words conservative and republican. Close minded and stubborn as hell.

God help us that enough realised McCain might die and Palin is not ready to be president of the United Sates. Maybe some common sense could sway them to vote a different way…


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