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Terminal 5 – finally living up to the hype

via RachelC
via RachelC

I came across this invigorating piece of advertising goodness on BehindTheBuzz a couple days ago. Now that British Airways Terminal 5 has survived the backlash of the British public – which is no easy feat mind you – BBH London has come up with a brave, extremely well executed campaign to make sure people know that Terminal 5 is everything that was originally promised, if not more.

The agency [seems to] send out ‘rogue creatives’ to question users of the terminal, then jet back to the agency get the ads done up & print ready, then off to the printers, & out to specified media locations by the next morning. Impressive. Seems like it could be quite fun too, just as long as more clients don’t start demanding this kind of turn around.

I’ve already heard many stories from Ad Men from the 80’s & such, when I was still a wee girl, dreaming of the day I could break in to an all mens club, steal their fags and get them to buy me drinks (still hasn’t happened, but a.) I’m working on it and b.) apparently it’s not as fun anymore – I digress) that the turn around time that advertising has since over the past 10-15 years due to the advancement of technology has been drastic. The long lingering lunches waiting for pictures to develop, weeks waiting for proofs to be made or a poster to be mocked up. Everything today is wanted now.

Hopefully the Terminal 5 campaign won’t have client’s thinking that ALL campaigns can be turned around in 24 hrs, but still, it does give this one that extra zing, doesn’t it?


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