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Ike beat Tina survives

(Images removed as files were lost)

These are images of my hometown in Houston, Texas from today, post Ike. Luckily any of my family further south went north and west during evacuation. However, my family & friends in Houston & North Houston are still without power & water pressure and it could be up to three weeks, but considering the alternative, I’m content with that – and they are just happy that a cold front came through – as with the heat there they’ve been miserable!

Many who haven’t experienced a hurricane, don’t understand that they can expand 200 miles across from the eye and shoot down little tornadoes from within. Frustrating and scary. You are extremely lucky when the trees land near your house and not on them. When you leave your house and see the destruction, it’s a feeling of awe that tree’s and debris manage to land EVERYWHERE and luckily only on a few houses.

My parents were on the edge of the storm, the damage in these pictures, could you imagine being in the centre, and Ike downgraded to a 2 as it hit land, thankfully.

Although family and friends are your first concern at a time like this, once they are safe the nastalgia begins to set in. Over the past 5 years, places that I spent the majority of my life, making memories: Galveston, Boloxi, New Orleans – are being destroyed. I do live in the past, I’ll be the first to admit that, but do agree that change is good, however this isn’t the way you want it to happen.

Thanks to my best mate Marie, back in Houston for the photos. I’m glad her and her family made it through safe as well. If your interesed someone put together a slideshow of of the aftermath here.


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