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Diamonds in the rough

Lately I’ve been pretty disappointed with the ads I’ve been seeing. Not just on television I suppose, but I am  going to focus on that particular area here. That is until quite recently. The ad above just launched this week and is a 122 second long ad done for Hovis bread, created by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, to celebrate Hovis’ 122nd birthday. The ad has a boy going to pick up a loaf of bread and begins 122yrs ago and he travels through his town, through the different era’s to present day and his home.

Even though I’m not a born and bred Brit and many of the trademark events I’ve only been told about or seen reference too since I’ve lived here, I still got the deep British closeness when watching it. The ad envoked different emotions through different situations being shown – almost as if it were a short film rather than an advertisement. 122 second ad is quite ambitious – and expensive – people get bored far to easily these days, me being one of them. However, I feel they pulled it off well, but as an ad-geek, I still look forward to the 30 second version, if they do one, just to see how they go about it editing wise…


These series of Adidas ‘Dream Big‘ ads, done by 180 Amsterdam, really grabbed my attention when they came out about a month ago. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting soft or going through an over emotional stage, but I feel they are very powerful and portray a something good in humanity… and hope.


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