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Facebook: The Movie

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has agreed to make a film about the founders of social networking site Facebook.

Sorkin, who created US TV drama The West Wing and wrote the Tom Hanks movie Charlie Wilson’s War, has even opened a Facebook account to aid his research.


I use facebook. I am even one of the very few ad/marketing/media/socialmedia people that will admit I LIKE Facebook. But a MOVIE?! How dull and utterly boring would that be. Although I suppose politics can be dull and boring and it’s made interesting and watchable over and over again – but there’s always a good bit of drama: affairs, assassinations and/or attempts, theft, bribery etc… but FACEBOOK? Unless they do some Alien Autopsy type thing with it, I’m not sure I see where this is going.

Next we’ll be watching Bill Gates: From the Begining Correction: we won’t be watching it, they’ll have just spent loads of money that could have been donated to a good cause.

Read the whole story here.
source bbc


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