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Time Flies when your busy as hell

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Right now, I should be on my way to London to see the lovely folks of Wooster Collective speak, Tate – Street Art Talks. It’s not even that I was going on my own, as I was actually looking forward to the time for self- reflection (who am I kidding – I would be iPhoning it most the way – okay, some of the way, I’m not that bad -yet..). However, life did it’s thing – as in passing me by and now it’s Friday, the day of the event and this morning I was back on a train to Glasgow, versus one to London.

my work desk – today

I am currently engulfed in working on a self promotion mailer and two briefs (oh yeah, don’t forget the day job!) that are due, posted by next Friday, meaning in the post Thursday… Then fingers crossed. Hopefully they’ll work out and I’ll get an entire week of self reflecting and working my arse off in London.

It feels good to get stuck into briefs again, although it does show me, again, why people work in pairs. Tough not to second guess yourself – and third and fourth…

I am looking forward to being able to attend the Edinburgh Coffee Mornings, at Centotre (no, I’m not paid to write this) again, some creative interaction never goes amiss, although, I must admit, it’s been nice being around actual people on a daily basis. August should be busier than July – as I feel that I’m halfway through it already!

As they say (or do they – and who are they?!) Watch this space and this one (when I get a spare minute)…

update: Just realised (thank god for other people!) that the briefs are due Wednesday by 5pm in London! That means in the post by Tuesday 5pm! Ack! only me… By the time this weekend is over, I expect to not have a brain. Scarecrow anybody?


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