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MobileMe or more money from ME

Not too sure about this whole Mobile Me thing. I’m still trying to do what I can until my iPhone is activated. But by paying a monthly fee, on top of my contract fee I am and will already be paying, and the cost of the phone… then to pay for this, so I can pay less attention at keeping myself organised.

Granted, if I had more disposable income and this wasn’t the only thing I buying for my self for the next two years… I might consider it.

It’s not even a good deal really. To pay (to be lazy) for such connectivity throughout your entire life.

ouch. That’s with $149 for the family pack. Us lucky bastards – if the few of us that go them, ever get to use them, get the Brit option:

Think I’ll wiat and let my PA do it all (as in myself) she enjoys a bit of a challenege….


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