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Inspired Procrastination

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Some, more personal, insight by Hugh Macleaod of gapingvoid. Clever writer and unique artist. Usually of the tech/media/ad variety and started on the back of people’s business cards. I came across him in 8 places all at once – not to mention he was working in the UK ad industry, in London, and is now living in Texas.

I plan to do a longer post about a few of life’s circles I’ve experienced recently, when I have more time.

My pick from today’s postsecret. Looking at the small titles, Frank Warren’s cleverness isn’t lost on me.

I am slightly procrastinating on the two briefs I have to have done by tomorrow night – and I am purposely not divulging too much information about them because they are “competition briefs” – meaning there’s a chance I won’t make it.

Being the full on type of person that I am, I signed up for Scotland and England instead of just one, which a. raises my chances (maybe?) and b. means instead of one week on one brief, it’s one week on two.

As a wise man said to me recently: you’re a creative, you’re insecure by nature. Let’s hope that’s all it is and everything I’ve been working on isn’t just shit.


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