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A new test of patience

Oh mary mother of god what a kerfuffle.

It’s a good thing that I have 1001 other things to do right now b/c Apple and O2 have gone above and beyond teaching me about patience. Maybe they are making some subtle hit out at us ‘digital obsessed’ folk…

The above from the O2 iPhone forum, says it all.

Not to mention the past 24 hrs I’ve been without internet at all, thank you Virgin, and spent this morning traipsing around Edinburgh trying to find free wifi so I could work. Than you Centortre for uber great coffee, great service and an all around pleasant environment.

As I may have mentioned before, Centotre is where Mike Coulter of Digital Agency, hosts his weekly coffee mornings – they’re brilliant and I recommend everyone attend at least once (Friday’s at 8am). Even I get my arse out of bed for them!

Well, at least my iphone takes pics and e-mails them…it’s just not a phone. I guess that’s okay?! It’s still a pain.

Centotre Latte mmm

As I said earlier, 1001 things to do, so this is obviously considered procrastinating. I look forward to the day I can do this on a proper, more regular basis. And why aren’t my pics showing up?! Deep breaths, deep breaths…


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